Designing your Mobile App
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  1. Photos:

    1. App icon (on home page of your phone): 1024 x 1024px

      1. Used for the AppIcon in the AppStore

      2. Used for the AppIcon on the Login Screen

      3. Used as the icon on the Launch Screen

    2. Login Page Background Image: 1080 x 1920px

      1. Used for the background on the login screen

    3. Home Page of App Icon: 480 x 180px

      1. Used on the homescreen of the app after login

  2. Login Page of your App

    1. App Name Max 30 characters • used on the login screen

    2. Login Page Description: Max 140 characters • used on the login screen

  3. Colors

    1. Primary Button Color

    2. Primary Button Text Color

    3. Surface Color

    4. Surface Text Color

AppStore Product Page

  1. AppStore App Name: Max 30 characters

  2. AppStore Subtitle: Max 30 characters

  3. AppStore Keywords: Comma separated list - Max 100 characters

  4. AppStore Description


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