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Overview: Building Your Branded App
Updated over a week ago

Arketa allows you to choose different tabs that you can use to personalize the mobile app in just a few clicks! To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Scroll down to Tab Configuration

  2. From here, you can:

    1. Move the order of the tabs by dragging and dropping ‴‡

    2. Turn tabs on or off - you can choose up to 5 tabs to be displayed πŸ“±

Make sure to click "Save" at the bottom when you're done!

How to show Promotions on your mobile app 🀩

You can also show promos on your app by toggling on the Promo Card and selecting where each section should navigate to!

Note: You must have the Arketa Mobile App to use this feature. Please live chat us to learn more! 😊

Frequently asked questions:

When will the changes show on my app?

You will see the new tabs or rearranged tabs in your app once you click Save at the bottom of the page!

Do I reach out to Arketa to confirm these changes in my app?

Nope! 😊 Any changes will update your app once you click Save.

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