Add a class type

Build a session name/description to keep it handy for easy scheduling

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Class Types are different types of services that clients can select from your public schedule for group classes or for one-on-one sessions. When your students book a 1x1 with you, this is the first thing they will select when scheduling their appointment.

Once you add the service, you're ready to add your first class.

How to add a class Type (group sessions)

  1. Tap Add New

  2. Select "Experience Type"

  3. Add the following fields below and click "Save Changes"

How to Add a Class Type (privates)

  1. Go to the Private Session tab of your dashboard > Session Types

  2. Tap Add New Template in the upper right-hand corner

  3. Select Private

  4. Set the duration and description

  5. Click to Save changes

How to add a class (full details)

  • Choose experience type

    • Pulls from all of your services. If you are adding recurring classes, we recommend building a service first! How to add a service.

  • Experience type

    • Class - A group session that is public on your schedule.

    • Event - A group session with a pretty photo. By default is drop-in only. Cannot be redeemed by classes, packages, or memberships.

    • Workshops - Same as a class but has a beautiful image on the sign-up page.

    • Private Services - Class that is hidden from your schedule.

  • Name

  • Description

  • Preview Image - this shows up in your confirmation emails

  • Where is this hosted?

    • In-person: A physical location

    • Zoom: If your zoom account is connected, we will generate a Zoom link using your Zoom settings

    • Instagram: Great for IG lives

    • Youtube: A youtube link

    • Other: Enter any link you'd like! Great for adding your Zoom personal meeting ID.

  • Who is teaching

    • Add the instructor leading the class

  • Drop-In Rate

    • Free - free class

    • Sliding scale - choose a range in which your customers can pay

    • Paid - the price of a single class

    • Package + subscription-only - only packages and memberships can be used in this class.

  • Capacity

    • How many people can join the class

  • Click "save" to save changes

If you are looking to offer a credit-only refunds package + subscription-only we recommend you build your drop-in as a single class package.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I edit the service will it impact those who have previously booked future classes?

No editing or erasing of a template will not adjust any sessions that have been previously booked or future sessions. If you would like to edit we recommend you mass erase future booked sessions and re-add them.

How do I edit, delete or duplicate a service type?

Tap on the pencil icon to edit a service. Tap on the delete icon to remove a service Tap on the duplicate button to create the service type again.

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