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What is a class, event, appointment?
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What is the difference between a class, appointment, semi-private and event.

Class: Any group session built as a Class in your Service Types and live on your schedule. Classes will be included in any Packages, Subscriptions, or Bundles that include "All Classes".

Event: By default is drop-in only. Unable to be redeemed by classes, packages or memberships by default (can be adjusted in adv. settings). This can also be used for workshops.

Semi-Private: Same as appointment for now.

Appointment: Is best for 1x1 sessions.

๐Ÿ’ก Frequently Asked Questions

Where do events show up?

Events has its own unique widget for booking. Events still do show up on the class schedule.

Can I make a class hidden?


Can I offer longer workshops and multi day events?

Yes of course! You can either use an event or our communities feature.

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