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How to edit a Class, Appointment, or Event
How to edit a Class, Appointment, or Event

Once a class has been scheduled you can make edits without needing to delete or cancel. See how!

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Mistakes happen! Things change! You can edit!

Editing a scheduled Class, Appointment, or Event:

To edit any details of a Class, Appointment, or Event head to your schedule:

From there look to the right under ACTIONS > click "..." > Edit Class

From there you will be brought to the class scheduler that you used initially to schedule the class! You can edit virtually any detail about the class.

Click through to the three pages of the editor and be sure to hit save:

Clients who are enrolled will be automatically notified when changes are made to location, time, or, instructor.

Hot Tips πŸ”₯

  • if you edit price or payment that will only effect new enrollments

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