How to delete class

If you find you've scheduled a class or classes with an error you can always edit but deleting is also an option!

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PLEASE NOTE: Deleted classes cannot be restored later. In most instances we suggested canceling classes ❗

  1. Go to Full Schedule and find class

2. Tap on Delete Class

3. Choose if you'd like to refund customers if you have any signed up and tap on Confirm and delete.

  • Deleting a class will automatically remove any enrolled members

  • If you have clients enrolled in the class we suggest auto-refunding.

  • Enrolled clients will not be notified the class has been deleted. We suggest canceling if there are clients enrolled. Canceling will automatically notify clients.

  • Hit confirm and delete!

*PLEASE NOTE: Deleted classes cannot be restored later. This is not reversible once confirmed. We recommend you remove each client from class before deleting the entire class.

Hot Tip πŸ”₯

  • Consider reading How to cancel a class before deleting

  • Deleted classes will also be deleted from the client reservation history

You can also delete class from the check in screen by tapping on the More button

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