Update Subscription

From the client page look for Packages and Subscriptions and click the three dots to the right of that package:

From here you can update the new recurring price of an individuals package or adjust the amount of credits left in the pay period if it is a recurring class pack

Cancel Options

Also from the three dots to the right of the subscription you can end a membership immediately, at the end of the billing cycle, or on a custom date in the future.

Pausing a Subscription

Be sure to look carefully when you make these adjustments but you now have the option to pause a membership. You can do this until it's manually unpaused by the business owner or you can choose an end date "until a custom date" and the membership will renew automatically after that date.

Also important to note when you pause the membership you can choose to just pause collection of payment and allow the client to access materials, classes, videos OR you can pause payment collection and access, blocking customers from using the membership while they are not paying.

Change Billing Date

From the three dots to the right of the package you can simply change the next renewal date. This will be the renewing date going forward or until changed again.

Adding Credit

Adding account credit is super easy, again from the client page simply tap "Adjust Balance"

Simply select Credit (add credit) or Debit (removes credit), select the amount you are crediting or debiting, and leave a brief note to keep track for your records later.

Please Note*** account credit will only be applied to recurring payments drop in purchases and class packs cannot be paid for with credit. We suggest promo codes or adding free class credits to accounts in these instances

Frequently Asked Questions

If I change the billing date of a subscription will the client be prorated?

Nope! We do not have a way to prorate subscriptions.

If I adjust the price of a subscription will it stay at that price?

Yes, changing the price of a subscription will affect future renewals. If you are wanting to give a client a one time discount you can simply add a credit to their account and it will automatically apply at the next renewal.

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