Create additional ways for your students to pay. Subscriptions are a great way to build student loyalty and increase retention.

How to create a subscription?

  1. Packages & Subscriptions Tab

  2. Add New --> Subscription

What type of subscriptions are there?

  1. Unlimited Subscriptions - clients can take an unlimited amount of classes that are in your "redeemable for" section within the billing period.

  2. Recurring Subscriptions - clients can take a limited amount of classes that are in your "redeemable for" section within the billing period. You set the number of classes.

What additional settings are available?

In what ways can I use the customization options?

Below are some popular use cases, but the possibilities are endless.

  1. Video library bonus for recurring subscriptions & private training

    Add value to clients on recurring livestream, in-person or private training subscriptions with the added bonus of on-demand videos. When on-demand videos are selected as a bonus add-on it will not affect the allotted number of classes in the recurring package. Select specific video categories or your full library.

  2. Automatic class top ups for recurring subscriptions

    You and your clients won't need to worry about running out of classes again! If the client's classes hit 0 before their next renewal their package will automatically renew.

    Because automatic top ups will cause the subscription to renew early, this feature is most often used for recurring subscriptions with a longer billing frequency like the examples pictured below. For monthly renewals "On a set schedule" is recommended.

  3. Reset/Rollover class credits for recurring subscriptions

    Reset - holds students accountable as they have to use it or lose it.

    Rollover - allows you to guarantee students the credits they purchase.

    Chose the options that serves your audience best!

  4. Payment plans for retreats, teacher trainings, coaching and other high ticket offerings

    Automate installment payments under billing options.

  5. Contracts

    Give clients great deals and awesome results for staying with you longer! Minimum renewals allows you to set the length of the contract before a client can cancel.

  6. Begin a subscription on the sale date, 1st of the month or specific date.

    By default all subscriptions will be billed on the sale date. You may use the other 2 options as you see fit.

  7. Customized plans for specific clients/groups

    Have a student or group of students with a unique subscription? Mark it as hidden so it's only viewable to students you'd like to share it with.

    For example, Friends & Family Memberships, Founding Members Membership or Ambassador & Team Memberships, etc.

  8. Confirmation Email

    Write a welcome letter to your new subscribers! They'll receive this email upon joining your membership!

  1. Agreement Terms

    Are recommended for payment plans & contracts.

Pro-tip ๐Ÿ’ก

Decision fatigue is real! Use all these amazing customization options to create a core of offerings that best suit the needs of your community!

Chat us in the bottom right hand corner of your dashboard with any questions that come up or if you'd like assistance with setup.

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