Build a Referral Program

Launch a referral program to drive loyalty and gain more customers!

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Referrals are one of the strongest channels for marketing and growth! In order to help support your success, you can now activate a referral program to reward your loyal customers for sharing your business with new students.

Here is a video on the referral program.

How it Works: When activated, all of your students will be provided with a unique referral link and code. When their friends join class for the first time using either their link or promo code, both of them will receive a $$ discount.

How does the person who refers receive credit: The credit will be automatically added to their client account. Account credit will only apply to renewing charges or subscriptions automatically, but when using POS (studio tier only) the business can apply account credit to any purchase. If the credit recipient is not on a subscription we suggest removing the credit and making them a promo code or gift card for that dollar amount to be applied to a drop in or class pack if the client will be making these purchases.

Note: Referral links will only work for new clients.


How to set-up your referral program

  1. Click Edit Referral in the top right corner of the page

  2. Select the discount/credit amount from the top buttons, or type in the desired amount in the field.

Next, set an expiration date for this referral program (if you never want it to end, select a year far into the future), activate the program and choose what this referral offer will apply to. If you do not want it applying to all your products and services, simply uncheck that box and make your choices as to what it will apply to.

Choosing what a referral program applies to and who could use the referral:

You can apply a referral program to:

  • an Active Program

  • All products and services OR you can pick and choose a class, package, subscription, community or class template. Feel free to mix and match as well 😊

You can also apply a referral to different client segments πŸ₯³ The different options are:

  • Any client who has not booked a class

  • Any client who has not purchased a package or subscription (excluding these pricing options...) and select which pricing options to exclude

  • Any client who has not booked a class and has not purchased a subscription / package (excluding these pricing options...) and select which pricing options to exclude:

  • Any client who has not used this referral code before

How your clients can share the referral program

  1. In the upper right hand corner of your widget:

    • Tap on refer a friend

    • Copy + paste unique referral code or referral link to share with friends


2. You can also share the unique link directly to social media or via email with the links below the referral link.

3. As the business owner you can share your clients unique referral code from your dashboard (found on the right hand side at the bottom of the Customer Details)

How students redeem the referral link

1. Once a new student uses the referral link, the code will automatically be applied at checkout on whatever you made the referral code applicable to.

2. They can also use the unique referral code directly as a promo code on any purchase that you have deemed applicable.

Best Practices πŸ’‘

  1. Encourage referrals after class: Remind your students after class that you have a referral program. The most likely time that your students refer is when they are happy!

  2. Share your referral code with friends + brands: You can manually add brands, friends, and influencers to your client list and give them a promo code to share with their network. This is great for brand partnerships too so you can track success metrics.

  3. Weekly Email: Your weekly email is a great time to let your students know you have a referral program and to thank them for their generosity in supporting your business.

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