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Advanced Tax Settings
Updated over a week ago

Advanced tax rates allow for more customization, such as applying taxes only to specific types of products or services like retail items or memberships.

To set up a custom tax

  1. Create the Tax

    1. Enter the name of the tax and the percentage of the tax

  2. After you create the tax, you will need to apply that tax to products and offerings

Applying the tax

Once the custom tax is created, then you will want to apply that tax!

  1. Click on the 3 dots next to the tax you want to apply and click on Apply to Product:

  2. From there, you can select a few different options and even mix and match them:

    1. Apply to all retail products

    2. Apply to all Pricing Options (Packs, Bundles, Subscriptions, and Communities)

    3. Apply to all Service Types (Classes, Appointments, and Events)

  3. You can select or de-select each item if you would like as well!

Note: Tax rates will only be applied to future purchases once it is applied! If you need a new tax applied to subscriptions, please reach out to the Support team to help with next steps.

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