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Why can’t a customer book a class?
Why can’t a customer book a class?
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If a customer is unable to book a class, several factors could be contributing to the issue. Here are some possible reasons and solutions:

  1. Class Full: The class may be fully booked, reaching its maximum capacity. Encourage the customer to consider alternative class times or join a waitlist if available.

  2. Booking Window Closed: The booking window for the class might have closed, preventing further reservations. Inform the customer about the timing of the booking window and suggest upcoming classes.

  3. Membership or Package Issue: If the customer's membership or package has expired they won't be able to book classes. Prompt them to review their membership status and renew if needed.

  4. Unpaid Balance: Outstanding payments or dues could restrict class booking. Advise the customer to clear any pending payments.

  5. Unavailable Membership Tier: The class might be restricted to a specific membership tier. Verify if the customer's membership grants access to the class.

  6. Account Issues: Incorrect login details or an inactive account can hinder class bookings. Advise the customer to ensure their account information is accurate and up-to-date.

  7. Reservation Limit: There could be a limit on how many classes a customer can book within a specific timeframe. Check if the customer has reached their booking limit.

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