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How to use point of sale

Checkout a customer behind the desk

Updated over a week ago
  1. Open up point of sale from any page in the dashboard by tapping on "New Sale" or use command #K

2. Select a "Package, Subscription, or Bundle" for your client

3. Add new card at or purchase with Arketa's Card Terminal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply account credit

By default promo codes will be automatically applied to point of sale checkout. Tap on the trash can to remove any type of balance upon purchase.

How to set a future start date for a subscription

Please note if you'd like to charge your customers on a future date but not have access you can set a subscription to activate on a later date. A few things to note
1. The customer will not be charged until the subscription activates
2. The client will not be able to use subscription until activation
3. The subscription will activate at 12:00AM of the activation date
If you would like the client to have access before this date please add subscription with a free trial here and then proceed to point of sale checkout.

  1. Select the customer and membership as normal

  2. Select the date in which you'd like the subscription to activate

  3. Proceed to checkout as normal

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