How to add an item
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2. Add the following details

3. Move product status from Draft --> Live

3. Save Product

  1. Name

  2. Description

  3. Retail Price - price of item

  4. Wholesale price - cost of item to calculate profit

  5. Photos - great for selling online

  6. Options - include options if you are adding variants of the same product like color size etc.

    1. Variants - see below on how to set those up

  7. Inventory

    1. SKU

    2. Barcode

    3. Track quantity - allows you to track how many items are left

  8. On the left

    1. Product categories

    2. Sale channels

      1. In the studio POS - for in studio sales

      2. On your website - for selling items online

      3. Quick checkout behind the desk - add to "Favorites" category on point of sale

How to set up variants

Variant tracking refers to the ability to manage and monitor different options, styles of products such as sizing and color ranges for the products you sell.

  1. Tap on Include Options

2. Type in the option name such as color or size

3. Add values such as the sizes

4. Click create variant

5. Tap the pencil icon to edit the quantity or price of each variant

6. Enter additional information and click Save

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