Automate Late Cancel and No Shows

As a business owner you can track and charge for late cancellations and no shows for classes, events and private sessions

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You can now track and charge clients who decide to cancel beyond your policy or do not show up to class. By default, when a client is either a late cancel or no-show, they will have to pay the session fee as if they attended the session.

This new feature allows you to charge an additional fee as a penalty.

Overview of FAQs

What is a late cancel / no show?

Late Cancel This is defined as a student who cancels after the cancellation policy window has closed. You can update your cancellation policies in settings --> scheduling.

No Show This is defined as any student who is not checked into class. If you'd like to track no shows it will be important to start tracking attendance for your live classes.

How to mark a client as a late cancel

  1. Tap into the class check-in screen from the home page of the dashboard

  2. Tap ... on the right-hand side of the screen

  3. Tap on "Mark as late cancel"

How to mark a client as a no show

If you do not check in a client by tapping on the + sign in the class roster, the client will be automatically marked as a no-show.

How to view and export the late cancel / no-show report

  1. Go to reports --> Late Cancel / No Show

  2. Tap on To-Do to find all of the clients to waive or charge

  3. Tap on Done to export a report of all clients who have been processed by the team

How to waive late cancellation / no show

Waiving the fee will remove the client from your list over to the Done report if you'd like to track how many times you have graced the customer.

How to charge for late cancel / no show

  1. Tap on charge client

  2. Enter the total amount you would like to charge them

  3. Tap "Charge Grace Lee"

From there, the client will be charged the full penalty.

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