Launch Overview

Congrats on purchasing a mobile app! This guide outlines the process.

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Step 1: Upload and Approve Design Assets

Upload your logo and vertical login screen video for your app. Once approved, it's time to build!

Step 2: arketa Builds the App!

Our team begins the build and designs are shared with you for approval

Step 3: Approve App Store Screenshots

Once the app is in TestFlight you can approve the screenshots.

Step 4: arketa Submits to the App store

Start marketing your app and once it's approved you can go live.


Share your app with the world 🌏

Will I be submitting my app to the app store?

No, we will do this for you!

Do I need to pay for an annual fee to either the App Store or Google Play Store

No, currently we submit the apps under arketa so you do not need to do this.

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