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Help! I can't login

Are you a client trying to access your account. This one is for you.

Updated over a week ago

You can login to your account by finding the login button on your business owner's website or landing page. If you do not see this login button you are not logging into the right website or platform.

Please find the error message below so that you can best troubleshoot how to get into your account properly! Still having trouble. Send your business owner a screenshot like the one below, and they can look into this for you.

  1. Oops it looks like this account does not exist.

    If you're seeing the error message below it means there is no email associate with this account. Make sure you are using the correct email and try again.

2. An account already exists with this email address

This means that you are trying to create a new account rather than login. Please tap Sign In highlighted in the rectangle below and make sure to sign in.

3. Your password is incorrect

This means you are using the wrong password. Please try another password or reset it here

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