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Create a test user

Create a test user or your own client account to see what your clients see while you build out your dashboard!

Updated over a week ago

Creating a test user is a great way to see what your client's will see when you launch and help guide you while you're building and getting to know your dashboard!

1. Create a client account either from the client facing view or from your client list inside the dashboard.

Example of client view sign up and login.

Or create test client from client list

2. Build a promo code for 100% all offerings and services.

  • Go to Marketing > Promo Codes

  • Build code for 100% off with unlimited usage and applicable to all products and services

3. Go to your website or client facing portal and make purchase using promo code.

Hot Tips πŸ”₯

  • use your test account as much or as little as you like to help you understand your client experience and work-flow.

  • use an email address with an inbox you manage to see what your confirmation emails and reminders look like.

  • don't share your test promo code with anyone! πŸ‘€

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