1. My video is black

Try running your video through handbrake here. For future videos, if they are recorded on iphones, you can use this video here.

2. This file type is not supported

Run your video through handbrake.

3. My video has been uploading for hours

Run your video through handbrake.

4. My video file is too big

Run your video through handbrake.

5. My customer is unable to see my video

The first thing to check is if the video is not working or if the client is unable to log in. If they are encountering a video issue see above.

If the client's login isn't working confirm the following thing:

  • The client is using the correct email

  • The client is unlocking a video included in the membership

  • You have set up the package/membership correctly that unlocks this video

How to run my video through Handbrake

  1. Download Handbrake

  2. Choose video file

  3. See recommended settings below

  4. press start

Watch the video below for a walkthrough!

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