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Collaborate with other partners in the arketa network

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Looking for a permanent instructor? Send us a chat and we can share more about our team plan which allows for unlimited instructors.

Instructor networks is a great way to bring more value to your clients. Using this new feature you can invite a friend to teach class so that you can promote it together!

How to Use the Network

  1. Go to the tab instructor networks

  2. Click on "Invite New" in the top right hand corner

  3. Search for a current partner by their "username" or enter an email address

  4. Click "Send invite"

  5. Once accepted, add a class and choose them from your dropdown of instructors

Some ways to use instructor networks:

1. Co-host a themed class together

2. Co-host an event with another instructor outside of the fitness space to add even more value such as: Nutrition, Baking, Tarot Card Reading etc.

3. Invite an instructor on your platform to showcase a format you don't regularly teach

Common Questions

What if my friend isn't on arketa?

No problem! You can search their email and invite them to be a member of the network. They will not have to purchase a paid tier in order to join.

Help! My friend didn't accept my request.

  • Have your partner check their spam in their inbox and double check the email is correct.

  • Make sure the email they used to register is the same one you used for the invite

If your friend registers under a different email when accepting the invite, you will not have a connection.

Can I use this feature to permanently add a new instructor to my roster

No. Any instructor added will appear as a "Guest Instructor" and is not to be used for permanent team members.

How many partners can teach at one time?

Currently only 2 partners can co-teach at the same time. Need more? Let us know!

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