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How to join the waitlist

There are now two waitlist functions available for your business.

Navigating the Waitlist through Settings

1. Click on Settings

Click on Settings

2. Click on Waitlist

Click on Waitlist

Automated Waitlist

When a spot opens up automated waitlist automatically adds a client to class based on who was first on the waitlist.

The client experience is the same and will be asked to join waitlist at checkout. The only difference is they can see what number they are in line from their booking screen.

To enable Automated Waitlists head to you Settings tab > Waitlists toggle Enable waitlist and choose a waitlist close window. Since clients are automatically added and charged we recommend having you window be at least 30 minutes or more for the them to have adequate notice.

Once a spot opens up the client in position one will be automatically added and sent a confirmation email.

Clients on the waitlist will still appear in the client roster and are indicated by their position in the waitlist:

Allow overlapping reservations is an option you can toggle on to allow a client to make multiple waitlist reservations for the same time slot.

Basic Waitlisting (default option)

Once a spot opens up all names on the list are emailed notifying them of the spot. From there it is first come first serve who books the spot.

How it works:

If class fills up, your class will now be marked as waitlist only. Students can now sign up for the waitlist to be notified when a spot opens up.

  1. Tap waitlist

  2. Click join the waitlist

If a spot opens up, all students will be automatically emailed that the class now has an open spot. From there, they will be directed to your website and sign up.

How to view who is on my waitlist

Tap into any class page to view who is on the waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a spot opens up, can I add someone off of the waitlist into class.

It's up to you, if you'd like to enroll your student off of a waitlist on the backend!

Your clients do not agree to purchasing the class should a spot open up so we recommend checking with them first.

Do communities have a waitlist?

Not yet, coming soon!

How many students can join the waitlist?

An unlimited amount of students can join the waitlist!

Can clients remove themselves from the waitlist?

Yup! Clients can cancel their reservation from the bookings tab of their account.

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