When scheduling a recurring class you can now make an edit to one class and have that apply to all upcoming classes of that template!

  1. Click the small pencil to the right of the class that is nearest in date and needs editing.

2. From there make the edits that apply to that class and upcoming class.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the editor and select the date range the edits apply to if not all upcoming:

4. Hit Save!

Frequently asked questions:

I'm trying to edit classes in bulk but I'm not given that option.

That could mean a few things:

1) you didn't schedule the class in bulk

2) you had that scheduled BEFORE we launched Bulk Editing. All class series booked after approx. July 1st will have the option to edit in bulk.

I have classes scheduled out several months but I only need to adjust one month in the middle, can I do that?

Yup! You'll want to click into the first class that needs editing and then adjust the end date of edits to cover only that time period.

Will my clients get notified of changes to classes if they are already booked?

Depends! If you change important details you'll want to email clients on the class roster. But they will be automatically notified if you edit 1) teacher name and 2) location. You can do that easily communicate with the class roster by clicking into the roster and tapping "actions in the upper right hand corner:

I edited all dates but not all classes changed!

Its likely the classes that didn't change are on a different template. You'll need to make those edits one template at a time. Or you scheduled the same template in multiple sections.

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