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Tags are a great way to personalize the user experience

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arketa Tags are special labels that help you better understand and segment your client list. arketa’s platform includes built-in tags. You can create custom tags. You can now label customers based on personal details you know about them; customizing your tags however you'd like to run your business. Fast forward to the bottom of this article for some of our favorite tag recommendations.

Ultimately, tags allow you to better target your customers with personalized promotional messages based on similar likes and details. Tags empower you to create more impactful email marketing campaigns, specialized offers/promotions and better analyze the details of your business.

They are also great if another instructor is subbing for your class or an instructor at your studio is teaching to a new student. Even if they don't know the student personally, they can add a personal touch before teaching or make the class catered to the students attending.

Tags aren't visible to your customers.

Where you can view client tags

  • The class check In Screen

  • The client list

  • Inside every client profile

How to add a client Tag

  1. Tap into the client list

  2. Search for client profile and tap into client

  3. Enter new tag and click the + button or choose from a previously selected tag

4. Choose your favorite color and select Add Tag

How to remove a client Tag

Tap on the X inside of the tag. Once you do, the tag will be automatically removed

How to filter tags in client list

  1. Tap Show filters

  2. Type in a single tag or as many tags as you'd like to filer by

How to edit/clear tags from list

You can remove a tag from your filter by tapping on the X within the tag. Tap on "Clear tag filters" to remove all tag filters from your client list. From here you can export this. list to a CSV to send a targeted email campaign.

Examples of our favorite customer tags

  • πŸ‘‘ Influencer

  • πŸ’• Loyal customer / VIP

  • 🍼 Pre-natal

  • 🍼 Post-natal

  • ⬇️ Low Impact

  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ Family member of instructor

  • ✈️ Tourist

  • 🚫 Banned



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