How to launch and share arketa!

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  1. Share your arketa link

If you are not embedding arketa into a website you can use your arketa schedule as a landing page! Go to settings > customize public page > Get widget. Copy and paste the URL right from there.

Click here to find all of our copy + paste embeds.

1. Click on the tab "Customize Public Page" at the top options bar

2. Scroll down to the relevant category and copy the code that starts with <iframe

3. Paste the code into your website tool

How to integrate arketa embed

  1. Tap on settings --> customize public page

  2. Choose the color / fonts of your choice

  3. Tap copy next to the iframe design of your choice

4. Tap paste in the code block of your choice

3. Use an arketa Website

Want to learn more about how arketa can host a custom website? Book some time here with a member of our team.

Find examples here:

Pro Tips ๐Ÿ’ก

What does Each Embed Look like?

  1. Embed your schedule with a calendar view:

  2. Embed your on demand library:

  3. Embed your on demand library with featured categories:

  4. Embed your pricing options:

  5. Embed Account Information Widget:

  6. Embed a list of all your communities:

  7. Embed a single community:

  • Click into communities --> click on the name of the community

  • Click on settings and scroll all of the way to the bottom

Embeds to build more advanced displays

How to embed a single class category / type

  1. Tap on the icon <>

  2. Copy and paste the widget code

How to embed a single video category

  1. Go to on-demand --> categories and tap into category

  2. Tap on Embed this category

  3. Copy and paste the widget code

How to embed in-person vs. online classes

To separate the schedules you can change the โ€œsrcโ€ of the iframe to be for in-person / live

So you'll copy your schedule embed code and change 3rd line by adding: ?location=inperson to the end.

How to embed a single team member's schedule or private availability

  1. Tap on <>

  2. Copy + paste the widget code


Looking for custom CSS, and API integrations? Send us a live chat to learn more about our enterprise solutions!

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