Waiver of Liability
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As an instructor you can add a liability waiver to protect yourself should an incident happen to a student during class. This helps protect you if a student has an injury during class. You can learn why these waivers are recommended here.

Location: Settings Tab --> Business Settings (bottom of the page)

Once you update the form click "Save Changes" to add this form. A student will automatically be prompted to sign the waiver when they sign up for their first class with you online. A only needs to sign the waiver one time.

How to send a student a liability waiver

If a student is taking their first class in-person or was added to your Client List by you then you'll want to send the student the liability waiver.

  1. Go to the Client List tab

  2. Search for your client or add a new client

  3. Tap on Send Waiver

  4. Select Open in a new window

  5. If the student is in-studio turn the iPad around to allow the student to sign

  6. If the student is virtual, copy the link in the browser and email it to them

  7. Once the student signs the waiver their status refresh the dashboard to view the update

Unsigned Waiver Icon

Signed Waiver Icon

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