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How to payouts work with Stripe

Learn more about getting paid via Stripe!

Updated over a week ago

Arketa partners with Stripe to process all our payments.

Every week, Stripe deposits money directly into your bank account with the earnings you have made from Arketa.

How to find my payouts

Total Balance: Refers to the money that will be transferred to your bank account in the next payout.

In transit to bank: Refers to how much money is en route to your bank account.

Click on "view payout history" to view a list of all payouts and export a report of this payout.

In this table you can see the following columns


The amount transferred in the payout


A unique identifier for each payout


The status of this payout


The date that the payout was transferred

Why do my payout balance fluctuate during a pay period?

You're balance may change during a payout period due to refunds and or/charge backs.

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