US Carrier Registration A2P 10DLC

Requirements for A2P 10DLC Registrations

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Arketa works closely with Twilio for all of our cell phone registration. You can learn more about A2P regulations here.

What is A2P 10 DLC

A2P 10DLC is a system established in the United States that enables businesses to transmit Application-to-Person (A2P) messages using regular 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers. To address the issue of SMS spam, US carriers categorize all messages sent through virtual phone numbers with local area codes, such as those offered by OpenPhone, as A2P.

Why US Cell Carriers Are Implementing New Measures

The existing infrastructures of US cell carriers were not designed to handle the current volume of fraudulent calls and texts. In response to this issue, major US carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, have joined forces to protect their customers.

Who Is Affected by These Changes?

The new registration process applies to businesses that send messages to US numbers through cloud phone providers. As an Arketa customer, if you plan to send text messages, you will be required to register.

Is Arketa responsible or related for these new regulations?

No, these changes and regulations are out of our control.

โ€‹How long will registration take?

Registration typically lasts from 5-7 business days but we recommend you plan ahead for up to 30 days.

Registering for Businesses with an EIN or Equivalent Tax ID Number

To complete the registration on behalf of a company, you'll need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) or a valid business identification number for registration. Please note that you cannot register as a business using a Social Security Number. You can apply as a Sole Proprietor.

Fees Associated with Registration

The fees outlined below support The Campaign Registry and other third-party entities that assist in the registration process and maintaining a good standing with US cell carriers:

  1. Carrier Review and Setup Fees: The Campaign Registry is a third-party agency selected by major US cell carriers. They collects a one-time fee of $19 to review your application in two phases. The first review involves an initial screening of your application, followed by a second manual review by a third-party entity of the information you provide in the registration form.

  2. Messaging Fee: The Campaign Registry charges a monthly fee to help you maintain status. These Registry can charge between $2-$10 depending on your use case but for our customers is typically $2.

  • $1.50 per month if you register as an organization

  • $2 if you register as a sole proprietor or personal user

  • $3 per month if you're a non-profit

How to do I complete registration

You can complete the registration process here.

In case my registration is not accepted, what should I do?

The verification process for your application is managed by a third-party company, and we don't have the authority to influence the approval or rejection of your application. While the information we receive is limited, you can access the reason for your rejection within the app and in the rejection email. You should utilize this information to reapply for approval.

We understand that this process is confusing and thus are here to help! Please message us if you have any further questions or need anything else at all.

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