Gift cards
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What is a Gift Card?

A gift card is a prepaid card that holds a specific monetary value, allowing recipients to make purchases from your business. It serves as a versatile and convenient way to provide others with the freedom to choose products or services they desire.

Do you offer physical gift cards?

We're excited to share that we now offer physical gift cards. Feel free to contact us through live chat if you're interested in learning more about this offering.

How to set up gift cards

  1. Click "Add gift card photo"

  2. Upload a photo

  3. Share your gift card page via link or embed

    1. Copy URL

b. Embed gift card into a page on your website

How to see gift card usage and remaining balances

  1. Go to "Marketing --> Gift Cards"

  2. Tap on "View Usage"

Can customers share gift cards

Yes! Each gift card has a unique code that can be used like a promo code at checkout and can be shared across your customer base.

How to apply gift card on point of sale

When checking a client out for a class or for an item use the section "Enter code" to search for gift card code.

How does a gift card work and what will the recipient see?

See below an example of the recipient email.

  • Please note the 8-Digit redemption code

  • This code may be used at checkout and applies to any of your offerings

  • Please note: a gift card will not be stored under your account. For now, a client must use the gift card every time they would like to apply a discount except for subscriptions. We are working on auto-applying the gift in the future :)

How does a gift card work with subscriptions?

  • Gift cards will apply a 1-time credit to a student's account. So if you offer a $50 gift card on a $100 subscription, then the first month will be $50, and then the second month will be $100. But if you apply a $50 gift cards on a $25 subscription, then the first month will be free, the second month will be free, and then the third month will be $25.

How does my client schedule a gift card to send in the future?

  • Clients can now select the date in which they'd like to deliver the digital gift card.

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