1. Overview

With arketa you can now streamline your business even further with invoicing with 135+ currencies and over 20 types of payment including credit, debit and ACH payments.

Invoicing is great for everyone from corporate clients, schools/education, private parties and collecting quick payment for private sessions.

2. Create an invoice

You can create an invoice quickly by doing the following

  1. "Create New"

  2. Find a customer by name/email or tap "Add new customer" to add a new client on the fly

  3. Select any pricing option such as a package, community or tap Add one-time item to create a single, one-time item.

  4. Edit pricing or tap trash can to erase the item. If adding a one-time item, edit the pricing and quantity.

  5. Add a Memo to add more information to the customer on what they are purchasing. (Optional).

  6. Select the delivery option for the customer

    1. Automatically charge a payment method on file will charge the customer with their default payment method, method of your choice or a new card

    2. Email invoice with link - will email the customer a payment page and PDF of the invoice. You can always add multiple emails here.

  7. Due date - choose what day you'd like the client to pay by. Clients can still pay for an invoice after the due date.

  8. Tap "Create Invoice" to send the invoice to a customer

3. Edit an invoice

Tap Edit invoice to edit anything about the invoice.

** Please note the customer's primary email is unable to be edited.

4. Cancel invoice

Tap into any invoice and click "Cancel invoice" to cancel the invoice. This is the same as "deleting an invoice" but we keep the invoice should you need it for past reference.

5. Mark invoice as paid

Tap into the invoice and click "Mark as paid". This is great for invoices paid in cash/check and will be attributed towards your business' total revenue.

6. Send client link to invoice or download as PDF

Tap into the invoice and copy the "payment page" link to send to a client. To send directly to the client email tap on "Send invoice".

7. Charge customer manually for invoice

Frequently Asked Questions

What are past due invoices and can they still be paid?

They are invoices that have passed the due date upon invoice creation. As a business owner, you can edit an invoice or resend the email/link to the client to pay the invoice.

Can I invoice for a subscription?

Not yet, coming soon!

What payment methods are supported?

  • Credit card

  • Debit card

  • ACH. Credit

  • ACH Direct Debit

  • Bacs Direct Debit

  • Bancontact

  • BECS Direct Debit

  • EPS

  • FPX

  • Giropay

  • iDEAL

  • Pre-authorized debits

  • Przelewy24

  • SEPA Direct Debit

  • Sofort

  • Bank transfers

  • Mexico bank transfers

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