1. Add New Student: Add a new student into class

  2. Search students: Search an existing student from the list

  3. Sort: Sort roster by first name, last name, booking date

  4. Status: Sort roster by status such as reserved, checked in, waitlisted, cancelled

  5. Booking Type: Sort by booking type, drop-in, package, membership

  6. Email students: Opens up default email browser to email all students (filters above will apply if used)

  7. Print as PDF: Prints check in screen as PDF (filters above will apply if used)

  8. Export to CSV: Prints student roster as PDF (filters above will apply if used)

  9. Edit class: Opens up class details to edit

  10. Cancel class: Will mark class as cancelled and notify students

  11. Checked: Marked as checked in, Unchecked: Not checked in, X-Mark Student as cancelled

  12. Student details: Name, pronouns, email, phone. Tap on photo to see larger image.

  13. Eyeball: View more details of client.

  14. Tags: View tags as built in client details

  15. Injuries: Lists student's injuries

  16. Booking Type: Displays how student paid

  17. Exit Icon: Remove student from class

  18. Store Icon (studio's only): Take you to point of sale

  19. Email Icon: Email students

  20. Profile Icon: Directs you to student profile.

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