How to purchase an item from POS
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How to use Cart

Navigate through the top navigation and tap "Add to cart" to add items into your cart.

  1. Tap on top navigation for type of workouts

    1. Products: Your shop

    2. Class Packs: Class packages

    3. Private Packs: Any private class packages

    4. Communities: Any community

    5. Gift cards: Choose any gift card amount

    6. Subscriptions: Coming soon! For now purchase this as a single item from the client profile

  2. Card

    1. Price

    2. Name of item

    3. "Add to Cart" Adds item into the cart

Opening the Editing the Cart

Tap the cart icon in the upper right hand corner to open the cart. The exit closes it.

You can increase or decrease the quantity and tap "Confirm and Take Payment" to purchase the order.

"Cancel Order" Will clear out the cart to start over.

Enter Payment and Complete Purchase

Credit card

Enter in credit card or choose existing credit card.

Cash Payment

Enter in amount of cash received and return remaining (if any) to customer. Once complete tap "Complete Cash payment".

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