Why do I need to transfer Stripe IDs?

If active members currently have their payment information stored in your Stripe payment processor, we transition them over so they will not have to re-enter their credit card information when you transfer software.

NOTE: We can still transfer clients without Stripe IDs. If you would rather proceed with the client transfer without Stripe IDs you can fill in the client TRANSFER SHEET and leave the "Stripe ID" column blank.

What about my clients without packages/subscriptions?

We only transfer clients with existing packages/subscriptions. We recommend using another client email tool, like Mailchimp, to keep track of your client information for newsletters & updates. As students start to book classes and buy packages they will show up in your client list within Arketa.

Transferring Active Members with Credit Card Info:

Arketa uses Stripe for the payment processing so in order to move members with existing packages + subscriptions, your current software will require additional information. The steps are highlighted below for a seamless transition, feel free to message us in the live chat function from your dashboard!

A. Before you initiate a transfer, please confirm that your current software payments are on a standard stripe account. If they are on a custom Stripe or Stripe express, first send an email to your current software contact to request that they transfer your payment processor to a standard stripe account.

If you are already on a Standard Stripe account, you won't need to take steps B & C since you can access and export the Stripe ID's for your customer by following these steps:

  1. Go to https://dashboard.stripe.com/customers

  2. Export the customer list to CSV

  3. Column names should be "id" and "email" for us to transfer customers

  4. Here's an example of what the Stripe customer ID looks like: cus_IxqJxIvMWY4K2U if transferring from a system that uses Stripe.

  5. We will use those Stripe IDs to fill in the TRANSFER SHEET shared by your account manager. If you don't have a TRANSFER SHEET please reach out to us via Live Chat from your dashboard!

  6. Connect your Stripe account in your arketa Dashboard Settings

B. Once they confirm that your payments have been transferred to a Standard Stripe account, connect your Stripe account in your arketa Dashboard Settings

C. Then send the following information via email and you can CC support-migrations@stripe.com and techsupport@arketa.co:

"I'd like to migrate my customer information to a new Stripe account -->include the new Stripe account ID: Here are the steps to find your new Stripe ID!

  1. The name of the new payment processor: Stripe Standard

  2. The new payment provider URL: Stripe via arketa: www.arketa.co

  3. A link containing the 'PGP Key.' Link to Stripe's PGP Key"

Once you provide them with that info, they will reach out to Stripe, who will begin preparing the data. When the data is ready for export they will send you some information that you can share with techsupport@arketa.co, who will then need to reach out to Stripe to begin importing that customer payment data.

Assuming all goes well, this process should take ~ 2 weeks to complete.

Once the transfer is complete you will want to cancel client subscriptions on your former platform so they only have one active subscription!

While we wait on Stripe and your current software, we can use this time to set up your schedule, on-demand library, programming, etc.

Once you're set up and ready to launch - you can use these email templates to let your clients know!

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