Build a special pricing option to track the success of an automation. You can use any package, subscription, intro offer or community.

When an item purchase is purchased, we will show you how to trigger an automated email inside of Mailchimp. This automation is great for

  • Intro offers + free trials

  • Community purchases

  • Nurturing free customers into paid ones with an E-book, free video etc.

How to build Zapier Trigger:

  1. Tap on "Generate Api Key" then "Invite"

2. Click "Accept Invite and Build a Zap"

3. Click "Create Zap"

4. Find arketa fitness (1.0.0)

5. Select New Purchase

6. Tap arketa fitness (1.0.0)

7. Tap "Test Trigger"

Note if one of your package names appears that isn't the one you were hoping doens't matter! This trigger will tag ALL package names inside of your Mailchimp account.

If nothing appears you can skip the test.

8. Select the app to connect Zapier to.

9. Add Subscriber to Tag

10. Connect Mailchimp to audience (note arketa only connects to once audience so make sure to select the same one as in your dashboard)

11. Select: Offer Name

Note it does not matter which offer name appears as EVERY PURCHASE will add a new tag into Mailchimp with that purchase name.

Email Address: Select customer email. This is just for testing so again, does not matter here.

12. You can Test + Continue if you want to see that the tag was added to the customer listed. We typically like to "Skip Test" and test this out later.

13. Turn Zap on and close. You're all set! Don't forget to name your Zap so you can come back to it.

How to test Zapier Trigger

  1. Purchase an item using a new email

  2. Check that email inside of Mailchimp to make sure the test was added

Once you've added a Zapier trigger, you can now set up an email automation so when the client is tagged you immediately send an email. Learn how to add the tag in Mailchimp + set up the automation here.

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