Skip to minute 2 - for adding a video

  1. Click on the tab On-Demand

  2. Click on "Add New" and add the following fields

  3. Add description

  4. Set filters for your video

  5. Add pricing for a single video


  1. Name

  2. Preview Image

  3. Type of video

  4. File

  5. Playlist link

  6. Description

  7. Digital download

Categories & Filters

  1. Categories - don't see any categories yet? Add it here.

  2. Workout type

  3. Body focus

  4. Intensity

  5. Equipment

  6. Duration

  7. Custom filters - great for anything else at all

Pricing & Configuration

  1. Allow users to buy - drop-in purchase price

  2. Allow users to rent - drop-in rental price

  3. Subscription only -- un-check the

    4. Drop-in / Rental Only - packages + subscriptions not eligible for purchase

    5. Creation date - if you post this in the future it won't post until a future date

    6. Hide date - will hide the date on the video library

    7. Expiration date - date the video pulls from your library

    8. Hidden - hides video from the library

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are my videos uploading slowly

Video upload speed is based on internet speed and video size. You can learn more about it here.

My video file size is too big!

No worries, you can reduce the file size by following instructions here!

How do I hide the date on my video library?

Check the box "hide date" and click save changes.

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