Email editor + short codes

Learn more about how you can use our editor and short codes to personalize your messages

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You can learn more about our email triggers here. Have a trigger you want to see next? Send us a note via live chat :)

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How to enable / disable an email trigger

  1. Go to Marketing --> Emails or click here

  2. Hover and top on edit email

3. Turn the toggle enable email on

Toggle on the right hand side "Enable email"

How to cc yourself on the email trigger

Toggle on the right hand side "CC business owner on this email"

How to add a photo, button and short code

Photo: Tap the photo icon and upload your photo

Short Code: Select the short code

Button: Add button text and link

Link: Highlight your text selection, tap the link icon to add a hyperlink and click save.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is short code?

Short code or handlebars is a simple templating language that pulls in dynamic information about your clients on the fly so that you can personalize their experience.

Partner: Name {{partnerName}} - your business name i.e Happy Yoga Studio
Partner: Pricing Link {{partnerPricingLink}} - link to pricing page i.e here
Partner: Widget {{partnerWidget}} - link to widget i.e
Client: First Name {{clientFirstName}} - client's first name i.e Rachel
Client: Full name {{clientFullName}} - client's first and last name i.e Rachel Lea Fishman

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