You can now apply discounts to any of your items at the point of sale.

How it works

  1. Enter the Point of Sale from the client profile or from the class check-in screen

  2. Select the promo code on the right-hand side of the screen

  3. Tap Place Order to complete your order

Don't see the promotion you'd like to add? Go to marketing --> promo codes and build the discount. You can learn more about promo codes here.

Help! My promo code isn't working!

Confirm that the promo code applies to at least 1 item in the cart and has not expired. The discount will only be applied to the items(s) eligible in the order.

Why didn't my promo code apply to the entire sale?

Promo codes will only apply to the items eligible for the promotion. If you'd like to update this you can check the box using the image below that says applies to all products and services.

How do I build a promo code for retail?

When adding the promo code, check the box that says applies to all products & services.

Do $ amount promo codes apply to each item or the entire order?

They apply to the entire order. A $10 code will apply to the entire order instead of $10 off per item. The $ amount will only apply to the items eligible in the order.

How do promo codes affect payroll?

They do not impact any payroll calculation for price per head. For % revenue share, we take the revenue per product after fees to make sure that you are not overpaying any instructors.

Can I use two promo codes at once?

Currently, you can only apply one promo code at a time to a sale.

Can I apply a credit or a gift card to a sale?

Not just yet but we're working on it!

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