Build Custom Forms

Add custom form fields to learn more about your clients in group classes, communities, privates and more!

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Custom form fields are useful for getting injury history, personal preferences, and client info. Or just getting to know the people taking your classes! Forms are shown at check-out and questions can be required or not!

How to add a custom form field

  1. Tap on "Add New" in upper right hand corner

  2. Add the following information

    • Form name

    • Show for these templates

    • Show for these pricing options

  3. Click Add New Field to enter questions and question types

    1. a simple question anser format

    2. a drop down options format

    3. a specific field ie phone number, birthday that is carried over to client profile

  4. Make individual question required or not

  5. Click add field to add new questions

  6. Click on "Save changes"

When forms are submitted you'll find them in the same tab as where they are built.

Hot tip: If you create a question type that begins with "client" ie client phone number, client birthday, and client shipping address that will automatically be imported into their client profile

What your client will see at checkout:

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