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Our plans include transaction fees for any sales that occur through the platform.

There are two different types of fee fees: a payment processor fee (applicable to all plans) and varies based on location between Stripe, and our arketa booking fee.

These fees are in addition to Stripe and allow our subscription cost to remain competitive while allowing you to have an unlimited on-demand library + livestream integration. By default all fees are passed onto your client so that you make the full revenue of what you are selling.

arketa transaction fees by billing plan


Transaction Fees

Stripe Fees

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A few notes:

  1. Passing on fees does not apply to subscription purchases to minimize the probability of credit card declines. Therefore, we recommend you increase the pricing of your subscriptions to account for these fees.

2. Any private training sessions have a 1% booking fee (yes, less than everything else!) to help save you money as you scale higher ticket items.

When you’ll be charged

Fees are split immediately upon a successful transaction. These fees are separate from your recurring subscription payments .

Fees are based on total transaction amount

All fees apply to the final order total. If the price $0, there are no transaction fee from either us or Stripe.

Where to review all transaction fees


To view your breakdown of fees, open the transaction in Stripe. Find the Fee line item in the Payment details section. If you hover over the info icon next to the fee amount, fee details appear.

  • Stripe processing fees - The amount reflects Stripe's processing fee

  • Arketa application fees - The amount reflects Arketa's fee

You can also download a .csv file or report of this data by clicking View All Payments in Stripe.

  • Charge Fee - The transaction fee

  • Charge Gross - The amount sent to Stripe before fees

  • Charge Net - The amount transferred after the fee

For more questions, check out Stripe's website.

Additional Stripe fees:

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