1. Click on "Code"

  2. Clear the text box, and then copy & paste the code from the "Share Public Page" tab of your dashboard. Make sure you select "HTML" in the dropdown

NOTE: In order for this to work on your Squarespace site, you must have a Business or Commerce plan "Adding JavaScript or iframes to Code Blocks is a Premium feature available in Business and Commerce plans."

Code to copy and paste

Make sure you use the code from your dashboard under "Share Public Page".

Help! My Squarespace site widget is too small!

If your widget on Squarepaces looks like this, it's because you're using an older Squarespace template.

To Fix:

1) Go to Design

2) Site Styles

3) Site: Loading

4) Disable Ajax Loading

Pro Tips

Are you trying to embed your pricing options but don't like gift cards? Use this code instead by adding ?giftcard=false to the src line. See below:

<iframe id="sutraWidgetIframe" src="https://app.arketa.co/iframe/YOUR_URL_HERE/pricing/cards?giftcard=false" width="100%" frameBorder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <script src="https://app.arketa.co/scripts/embed.js"> </script>

NOTE: replace YOUR_URL_HERE with your scheduling URL

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